Children’s Literature 1

Our next unit is about children’s literature so please look through the Wikipedia article HERE and tell us something interesting you found.

Have a happy new year and see you in the next class!


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17 responses to “Children’s Literature 1

  1. Toko M4

    Happy New Year!

    I didn’t know that children’s literature started in the 17th century.
    I think it is interesting that before then books were only for adults, but nowadays adults read children’s literature too.

  2. Mayuko Th5

    I thought only the writer could write the story but if it outlived the author and became a series, someone else would write the sequel. I wonder if the latter would adjust to the former writer or he/she would just write it in their own way.

  3. Yuki Th5

    It was interesting for me that there were genres such as biography in children’s literature. I think this is because the define of a child is a human below the age of 18. Biographies are too difficult for little children.

  4. Kyoko TH5

    It was interesting to know how chiledren’s books are chosen.
    Also, the books are sub-divided by ages. I thought it interesting because I thought children’s book are only picture books and didin’t know the chapter books are also included.

  5. Marie Th5

    I didn’t know that children’s literature only started in the 17th century and before then books were written only for adults. I wonder what did children read in the 16th century.

  6. Ai Th5

    Before I read this article, I hadn’t known that children’s literature includes stories written BY children. I don’t think I have read any books written by children, so I want to try. Actually, I made my first original picture book when I was 6. The title of the book was something like “Magical Schoolbag”. I have written some other stories since then. I wonder if my books can be published someday!

  7. Sotaro

    I didn’t read so much books when I was little, but I think it’s very important for children to read books and get knowledge. I was surprised to know children’s literature has excisted for about only 500 years.

  8. misato M5

    i found illustration was interesting.
    I love childrens books and even now, i sometimes read them just to see illustrations.
    some are really artistic and the others are beautiful, and these illustrations inspired me a lot.
    so i agree with this sentence”Children’s picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.”
    i think illustrations of children’s literature are playing important rolls.

  9. Tomomi M5

    Before I read this article, I’ve thought that children’s literature means books written or chosen for children. So, I’m surprised to know there’re books written or chosen by children. I found it really interesting.

  10. Shiori M5

    It was interesting for me to know the Children’s literature by genres. Especially I was interested in ten characteristics of traditional literature. The Children’s literature by age category was also interesting, too. Wikipedia said what age is appropriate for each type of literature, but I thought it is difficult to set a clear criteria for it.

  11. Maho M4

    When I looked through the list of children’s literature under “HIstory”, I noticed that although I have only read a few of them, I know many of them as characters in animations or movies. Some of them I didn’t even know that they were originally literature.

  12. Shihiko M5

    In wikipedia, it is mentioned that ”Children’s picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.” I agree with it, and I think that illustrations have one more important role for small children. They stretch imaginations of small kids, and make them creative.

    Also, I was surprised to know that children’s literature only started in 17th century, because I thought it has much longer history.

  13. Momo M4

    I was surprised to know that there were a lot of genre, age category
    and popular books in children’s literature.
    I want to try some famous titles in English,

  14. Jay

    I didnt know the Association for Library Service to Children had a specific award for Latino writers. I grew up reading famous children’s books like “Harry Potter”, “The hundred dresses” and “A pizza the size of the sun” so the awards section of this article was very interesting.

  15. nanako M5

    When I read the illustration part, it said that books not for children generally doesn’t have illustrartions except in Japan, Korea and France. I sometimes read books but none of them have illustrations. Is the book they mention about manga?

  16. Shun M5

    I was surprised that there are many ways to define children’s literature.
    I thought children’s literature only means books written for children.

  17. KonomiM5

    I don’t remember myself reading many books when I was a child. Still as I read the wikipedia, I realized those stories were the one I used to watch on disney series or films.
    I like reading children books now (I mean after I have grown up) because even if they are called the children books, we can learn many things from them.

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