Infectious Disease Videos

Please watch the three short videos below and answer the questions on the worksheet (if you weren’t in class, I can email it to you). Also, please write something about one of the videos in the comments. For example: Which video did you like the best and why? What was most interesting? What was something you didn’t understand? Do you get a flu shot every year? etc…




And if you’re interested, you can see the trailer for the movie “Contagion” HERE.


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23 responses to “Infectious Disease Videos

  1. Mayuko Th5

    I thought that Black Death was the most interesting. If the virus was carried by fleas, you can’t prevent the contraction of the sickness by wearing a mask. It is troublesome and there is no guarentee that it won’t become a pandemic someday. We should create some kind of vaccines so that if it broke out, we would be able to deal with it.

  2. Tomomi M5

    I know much about the flu, but I know almost nothing about the black death.
    So, the second video was the most interesting for me.
    It seems difficult to deal with the infectious diseases not caused by viruses or bacteria.

  3. Shiori M5

    I thought that the third video was most interesting. The song and the pictures made me feel that the influenza is more threatening than I thought.
    Also I thought it is difficult to answer to the question, “HOW DO YOU THINK WE CAN STOP THE NEXT PANDEMIC?”
    Since the virus appears suddenly and it takes time to invent new vaccine, I think all we can do is to be always careful about hygiene.

  4. Kae M5

    The most interesting video is the second one.
    I learned about Black Death when I was in a senior high and I thought that there might be a relation between the plague and religion.
    I’ve heard that the plague was regarded as a kind of punish…maybe.
    Anyway it’s interesting for me!

  5. Jay M4

    I was forced to get flu shots every year which I loathed. It was worse when I was little because I had to get the shots twice. If they could make it less painful I think more people would get them. Maybe.

  6. Toko M4

    I thought it was interesting that there is a common point between the pandemic of 1918 and the bird flu of 2003-2010.
    I don’t know much about either of these two, but does this mean that progress in medical science is not yet enough to be a match for the flu?
    Even though it’s been almost a century, us humans still can’t prevent a pandemic…

  7. Connie Look

    I personally liked the Black Death video because of the awesome pics and the rather easy-to-understand narration. The third video was a little hard even for me because I found myself googling the definition of influenza and avian. I was a little confused with what the questions were asking and decided to just write down everything in the last video =P

    I’ve only gotten the flu shot once in my entire life and that was because of the swine flu pandemic. It was interesting since it had to be inserted through your nose instead. I don’t mind shots, but they hurt. So if I can be healthy without shots, then I’ll take my chances 😀

  8. Chris TA

    I think it’s good that these videos are making all of you think. Like Shiori, I also had a hard time thinking about ways for which to protect us from future pandemics. The efforts in 1918 didn’t seem to help too much, but maybe with new research and vaccinations we are more well-equipped to combat illnesses in the future. I found the last video to be most interesting. To be honest I found it to be a little creepy. Black and white picture combined with that creepy video.. haha. But what was most interesting was the information about how serious it was back then. We are all lucky enough to live in a time in which is more advanced scientifically and medically. Perhaps it is just me, but I have never viewed the flu as something serious. It’s a bit scary, I think.

    Anyway, keep it up guys!

  9. M4 Sotaro

    Video2 was shocking for me because 30% of the world is a huge amount.

  10. Alyssha

    It’s pretty scary to think that viruses spread so easily. As it said in the last video, “No one is immune”. People can get immunization shots, but its only useful for the current stage of that particular virus. If the virus mutates, the shot is no longer effective against protecting people from it. So really, the only true way to not get sick is by staying away from people and not making any physical contact; But lets be serious, is no contact at all really possible?

  11. Taro M4

    The second video was the most surprising. I didn’t know that it was spread by fleas. The fact that people thought the disease as god’s punishment was also surprising.

  12. Maho M4

    The second video was most interesting. I thought the way the plague migrated from Asia to Constantinople and then spread to other parts of Europe in just a few years was quite scary. Fleas carried the virus so it spread quickly by ship, and I thought it would have been really difficult to prevent that.

  13. M5 Shihoko

    I found last video interesting. The song was creepy. I was surprised that people died the next day after contracting Influenza in 1918, and a lot of people died. We can say that the science technology progressed a lot since then. If the next pandemic breaks out, I think it is best way to stay away from other people and animals, and for the scientists, search for the treatments as soon as possible.

  14. Momo M4

    I was surprised at the third video because I don’t know that 1918’s pandemic was a influenza.
    In Japanese, we didn’t call it in that way.

  15. Shun M5

    I was most surprised by third video because I didn’t know that flu pandemic once killed so many people.
    I knew that flu pandemic is really scary though I couldn’t imagine huge amount of people dying with it.
    My family and I always get flu shots but I always get flu.

  16. KonomiM5

    the third video was the most interesting, and it made me think of the flu pandemic. there were only pictures, scrips and music, but because of that I used that 3 minutes to think and imagine of it.

  17. misato M5

    i choose the influenza pandemic video.
    Last time when the new flu broke out several years ago in mexico, I remember that every one rushed to
    stores and bought as many masks as they can.
    By seeing that sight I felt so scared as if some horror movie was going to be a real.
    For now I know it could be happen anytime, anywhere and when I watch movies like Contagion I feel so

  18. Yuki Th5

    The third video was most interesting for me. Though I was thinking the flu was the most popular infectious disease, there were many things that I didn’t know about them. Every year, I always get the flu shot. But I feel scary when I imagine another new type of flu breaking out.

  19. Kyoko Th5

    I liked the video about Black Death.
    Because I never really had a chance to learn or know what exactly the Black Death was.
    So, it was good chance to know about Black Death.
    I never thought that Black Death can kill you in 2 or 3 days.
    I am so glad that now we don’t (or at least don’t) hear about Black Death very common.

  20. Marie Th5

    The second video was interesting. I didn’t know that the Bubonic emerged in Asia first! I wonder how many people died of this disease in Asia.

  21. Th5 Ai

    I haven’t known that there was a flu pandemic in 1918, though I learned a lot about WWⅡ in high school history class. New types of disease can spread very quickly, and it’s really scary. In 2009, there was a breakout of swine flu all over the world. Many friends and I caught swine flu at that time. Yes, worldwide pandemic can happen anytime, and we always have to be cautious.

  22. Kanako Th5

    The third video was most interesting for me. I didn’t know that cause of the flu of 1918 and the flu of 2003-2010 was the same! I felt it is so fearful that people who had the flu couldn’t do anything but wait for death in the period without useful vaccines.
    Though I don’t get a flu shot every year and have never had the flu , I’m afraid of it after watching these videos.

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