Bill Gates vs. Malaria

Please watch Bill Gates’ TED presentation HERE and fill out the worksheet (email me if you need one). You only need to watch the video from 1:26 to 8:00. In the comments, please write your reaction to or opinion of his talk.


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17 responses to “Bill Gates vs. Malaria

  1. Toko M4

    I felt the need for rich developed countries to provide aide to poorer countries.
    The ones who need to be involved in the effort to get rid of malaria , for example drug companies are likely to be in rich countries.

    It was surprising to know that many people still suffer from malaria in the 21st century.
    When living in a country like Japan , it is quite unbelievable, because malaria is too far away from our daily lives.

  2. Mayuko Th5

    I couldn’t belive that people used more money on the research of the cure for baldness than malaria. I think that this is happening because many people do not know that malaria is still a dangerous disease for us. (I didn’t know that either.) Many people are suffering and we should help them by donating money or by creating something that is effective for the disease.

  3. Momo M4

    I think it is really important that many parts of experts get involved his plan to save lots of children’s live.
    Communicators or mathematicians can’t stop a deadly diseases that’s spread by mosquitoes if they work alone,but I believe they can do it with working hard with another genre of specialists.

  4. Shiori M5

    I chose malaria for my favorite disease last week, so Bill Gates’ presentation was really interesting.
    I was surprised by the fact that more money is used in researching curing baldness than malaria. It shouldn’t have happened. I really felt that it is needed for rich government to help poor countries more.
    I was also surprised to know that bed nets and indoor spray become ineffective as the parasites and mosquitoes evolve. I think malaria is such a complicated disease, so I agree with Bill Gates’ words that the road map to get rid of this disease involves many things. We cannot stop malaria spreading without cooperation of people from various fields.

  5. Shihoko M5

    First, I was so surprised to know the fact that more money are spent in the research for the baldness cure than malaria. I think that rich countries should stop being selfish, and every countriy should deal with the malaria more serious as a world problem.

    From this video, I learned that it’s important for people in different fields to work together. It costs a lot to develop vaccines, so I think the coorporation between the drug companies, rich governments and the fondations is most important, but it’s also true that without the deep involvement of the mathmaticians and the social scientists, we can’t get rid of malaria.

  6. Chris TA

    I think you all have made great points when speaking about the effort that is needed in order to put a stop to malaria. It seems most of you also hit a similar point about the rich countries being more helpful and providing aid.

    I think it’s important to realize the leaps and bounds we have accomplished and understand the steps and requirements it takes. Do you think Bill Gates is right when he says we can 10,000,000 more lives within 20 years?

    Keep up the good work!

  7. nanako M5

    I liked how Bill Gates talked. It was very easy to understand. He didn’t use hard words.
    I didn’t know much about malaria and I didn’t even care about them. After watching the video, I thought i have to do something. But what can I do? He said that people in different fields should work together. But I’m not a social scientist or anything. What can I do? I dont know. That means I wont do anything and just forget about malaria some day. Too sad.

  8. Maho M4

    I didn’t know that so many people still suffer from malaria. I thought that there was already a cure for malaria.
    If think if the WHO made a presentation like this and called for aid from rich countries, it will be effective.

  9. Taro M4

    I didn’t know these facts about Malaria, and I think we are partly responsible since if people in rich countries knew this, goverments would be much more eager to solve this problem.

  10. Jay

    I was surprised because Bill Gates is helping people he doesn’t know. It’s not like he’s gonna gain a lot of profit from it…so.

  11. M5 Shun

    I was surprised that cheap or easy tools like bed net and DDT could save many lives but in poor country there are people who can’t buy it.
    Because they are cheap, I think not only the rich but people like us can and have to aid them.

  12. Sotaro M4

    I thought these things Gates is trying to do are wonderful. Even if his money won’t be used for his own country and his family, this great man hopes for less death for poor people around the world.

  13. misato M5

    first of all i tought the malalia was completed, it was the disease in the past.
    so i was very surprised to know that it remains even now.
    but , i believe we can complete it by making effort together,the riches, the geneouses, the countries and so on…

  14. Kyoko TH5

    It was interesting speech to know that Bill Gates was actually thinkig about malaria. I never knew that he cared about malaria. It also surprised me about the research money for malaria is less than that are spent on baldness. I think this happens because rich countries now rarely have malaria but have lots of bald problems. I really liked the way Gates think and how he is trying to difuse his opinion.

  15. Kanako Th5

    After watching this video, I felt people around the world pay little attention to this problem. Though we don’t take Malaria seriously , this is not only a problem of poor countries but it has something to do with Japan.
    I think we should take measures as soon as possible, and I hope Bill Gates will solve this matter and save many people as a leader.
    Anyway, I was surprised by Bill Gate’s behavior that setting mosquitoes free during a speech.

  16. Yuki Th5

    I was surprised to know that so many money were used for the research of curing baldness. I wondered why malaria is found in places around the equator.

  17. Marie Th5

    I was surprised that so many people have died of Malaria and there’s still a lot of people suffering from it mostly in poor countries. I think those who lives in rich countries (including me!) should learn about Malaria more and rich countries need to give poor countries enough aid.

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