Infectious Diseases

Our next topic is going to be about infectious disease! Hooray!! Sounds like fun, right? To get ready for the next class, please choose your “favorite” disease from below, look it up in Wikipedia and WRITE DOWN THIS INFORMATION: what causes it, what  the symptoms are, and how it can be cured. In the blog comments please just tell us which disease you chose so we can all get different ones (I’ll do the disease no one chooses).
1. HIV
2. Tuberculosis
3. Chicken pox
4. Small pox
5. Whooping cough
6. Bronchitis
8. West Nile virus
9. Malaria
10. Measles
11. Tetanus
12. Meningitis
13. Hepatitis B
14. Bubonic plague (“Black Death”)
15. Rabies


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23 responses to “Infectious Diseases

  1. Shiori M5

    I chose Malaria.

  2. Mayuko Th5

    I chose the Bubonic plague as my “favorite” disease.

  3. Toko M4

    I chose Whooping cough.

  4. Maho M4

    I chose SARS.

  5. Shihiko M5

    I choose rabies.

  6. nanako M5

    shihiko took my Rabies whose shihiko…? 🙂 I choose HIV!

  7. Konomi M5

    “Meningitis” for me.

  8. Momo M4

    I chose Chicken pox!

  9. M4 Sotaro

    I chose Measles.

  10. Taro M4

    I chose Malaria

  11. Jay M4/M5

    Black Death because it sounds cool. BLACK DEATHHHHH!!

  12. Tomomi M5

    I chose Tuberculosis.

  13. Kae M5

    I chose Whooping cough!

  14. Shun M5

    I chose SARS.

  15. Takuya M5

    I choose chiken pox!

  16. misato M5

    I picked up Malalia!

  17. misato M5

    oops! correnction!malalia was already taken;D
    then..I’ll choose small pox!

    • Alyssha

      The Bubonic plague or “Black death” is an awesome one to learn about! It wiped out (killed) 1/3 of Europe! Can you say, population control? 😀

  18. Kyoko Th5

    I chose Chiken Pox!!!

  19. Yuki Th5

    I chose Malaria!

  20. Marie Th5

    I chose West Nile virus because I haven’t heard of it!

    West Nile virus (WNV) is a virus of the family Flaviviridae. Part of the Japanese encephalitis (JE) antigenic complex of viruses, it is found in both tropical and temperate regions.

    The West Nile Virus produces one of three different outcomes in humans. The first is an asymptomatic infection; the second is a mild febrile syndrome termed West Nile Fever; the third is a neuroinvasive disease termed West Nile meningitis or encephalitis. The population proportion of these three states is roughly 110:30:1.

    Approximately 90% of West Nile Virus infections in humans are without any symptoms.

  21. Ai th5

    Bronchitis!! Off course!! Well, I don’t know why.

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