Two Topics for the Oral Report

Please choose two topics that you might want to do for your oral report and write them in the comments. They can be related to urban planning, crime, forest fires, other fire disasters, fire prevention, art, music, fashion or film. Remember to FOCUS your topic!


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23 responses to “Two Topics for the Oral Report

  1. Shiori M5

    I think I’ll go with these two topics.

    1. A history of mini skirt (who made it popular, when and how did it become popular…)
    2. How to dress for a wedding, funeral, and graduation-compare that of US and Japan

    See you on Monday!

  2. Toko M4

    My two topics are,

    1. How fashion changes when it has been exported
    (ex. “tabi” in France)

    2. Latest fashion in Japan and what people think about them
    ( I’m thinking of taking up “skirt-zoku”…maybe!)

  3. Tomomi M5

    My topics will be…

    1. What jazz dance is
    2. Influence of Michael Jackson on famous artists

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Jay

    Here are my two topics.

    1. Why metal/rock bands aren’t popular in Japan. Compared to the States. Like KoRn, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson.

    2. The connection between “Violent” games and the crime rate in the States.

    See you tomorrow!

  5. nanako M5

    What’s an oral report…

    1. Which is a better to live in, urban or rural city
    2.Hamura, the best place to live on earth!

    I’m not sure if these two topics are ok for oral reports…
    See you tomorrow!

  6. Sotaro M4

    My topics are
    1.Why Korean music is popular in Japan now.
    2.Money artists earn by selling CDs.
    See you tomorrow!

  7. Olga

    I think about this two:

    1. Handmade dolls
    2. Aivazovsky’s seascapes

    see you today =)

  8. Taro M4

    My comments are

    1.relationship between crime rates and education
    2.are famous musicians( Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, etc) a real artists?

  9. misato M5

    im going to reserch about…

    1 kawai-culture in around the world

    2 famous places and spots in tokyo

    see you later!

  10. Konomi M5

    I would like to do my oral report with these two topics.

    1. cosplays and emo fasions abroad.(how they think about it )
    2. why Japan is said to be the safest place on earth.

    see you,

  11. Maho M4

    1. Japanese music that are popular abroad
    2. Shibuya fashion

  12. Momo M4

    My two topics are
    1. UKIYOE and Vincent van Gogh
    2. Arabic pop culture

    See you later!

  13. Takuya

    My two topics will be ・・・

    1, Urban plannings to prevent and to be safe from eathquakes
    2, Men fashions now and before

    Maybe I will change the topics.
    See you later.

  14. Shun M5

    My two topics will be

    1.What Japanese goverment has done with natural disaster.
    2.How Japanese Anime or Manga influenced the culture abroad

    See you!

  15. Shihoko M5

    My topics are

    1. How electronic music replaced classical music
    2. Relations between violent TV programs and games and crime rates

    See you!

  16. Yuki Th5

    My two topics are

    1, How the Beatles influenced the music culture
    2, Bollywood movies

    See you tomorrow!

  17. Mayuko Th5

    It was difficult to choose a topic but I’ve decided to do either of these 2

    1. Town designing in Tokyo Disney Land or Disney World in Orlando
    2. Why most American songs don’t become a really great hit like other countries in Japan

    See you tommorow!

  18. Kanako Th5

    My topics will be

    1. Japanese unique fashion movement  (Lolita Fashion, “loose socks” etc..)
    2. Differences in crime rates and punishment among Japan and other cultures

    See you soon!

  19. Ai Th5

    I’m interested in
    1. Modern art movements in Russia [especially drawings and sculptures]
    2. How literature in Russia has changed over years.
    See you later!

  20. Kyoko Th5

    My two topics will be

    1. How the fashion trend repeats

    2. Ethnic fashions (how is it used, the point of having culrural clothes…and so on)

    See you soon!

  21. Marie Th5

    My two topics are

    1.How Coco Chanel changed woman’s clothes
    2.Michel Jackson’s influence on pop culture

    see you soon 🙂

  22. M5

    I am intrested in
    1 fashion in japan
    2 what we can get from films.

  23. kenken M5

    I am intrested in
    1 fashion in japan
    2 what we can get from films.

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