Art Movements

Look at the list of art movements HERE. Have a look around and in the comments tell us something interesting you find.



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20 responses to “Art Movements

  1. Toko M4

    Superflat was influenced by anime and manga, and Superstroke which has its origins in South Africa was a reaction to Superflat.
    The paintings in Superstroke was also influenced by Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

    Different countries and times are getting mixed!

  2. Mayuko Th5

    Street art was interesting to me. I sometimes see them in Japan too and I think that they are so good. It may be illegal to draw something on public goods but I think that it has become into some kind of culture. Also, I liked the Photorealism. The details are specific and it’s like as if I’m seeing a real photo!

  3. Shiori M5

    Sychromism is based on the idea that the colors in a painting can be arranged in the same way that a composer in a symphony sets notes.
    The sychromists believe that their paintings could evoke musical sensation by painting in color scales.

    It is interesting to connect colors with sounds!

  4. misato m5

    art deco was my favorite. it impressed me that art deco designed buildings are not seem to be old even after more than 60 years have passed, on the contrary they are modern and even fresh to me. I have been interested in art deco since when I was little, so I want to visit famous art deco architectures around the world, for instance Kreiser building in NYC. plus, I want to visit Nancy, France one day.

  5. nanako M5

    I learned the word “Surrealism” in my Spanish major class, so I decided to read that page. However, it was too difficult for me to understand! Surrealism is a cultural movement. The people involved in the movement believed that things made by accident is the true real world. I thought the idea very interesting and very confusing. I wish I were smart enough to understand what they mean!

  6. Momo

    I think Dada/Dadaism is interesting.
    Actually, it is not “art” but”anti-art” movement.
    Dadaist want to express their rejection to World War I by may ways.

  7. Shun M5

    Performance art interested me because not like the other kind of arts,the performance art lasts only in the moment the artists perform.
    But of course it’s not only a performance but it includes some kind of message or meanings.
    When I was in Europe I often saw them.

  8. kenken M5

    I’am interested in landart,photorealism and street art.
    Land art is so magnificent that impress me greatly.
    And photorealism is so real that I can see real life from it.
    I always think street art is wonderful.Beacause it makes our daily life intresting.

  9. Tomomi M5

    I think “sound art” is very intetesting movement.
    This is because when we hear the word “art”, many of us think it is about paintings or sculptures. But this sound art is about sound, music.
    So, I think this movement is not mainstream of art, but really interesting.

  10. Maho M4

    I found “Intervention art ” interesting.
    I don’t know very much about art, but intervention art attemps to change economic or political situations , so I thought this art movement may intervene into my unartistic life.

  11. Jay

    Street art was interesting because I thought graffiti was a part of it. I wonder what kind of paint they use. Some artworks are done on public streets and they’d have to wash it off.

  12. Konomi M5

    Photorealism was very interesting.
    I am not a big fan of artwork, so for me everything looks the same but I like taking pictures.
    that is why I thought the Photorealism most interesting.

    see you later.

    Konomi M5

  13. Shihoko M5

    Land art is interesting. One of the land art, Spiral Jetty in Utah is a spiral shaped embankment. It was made when the water level was extremely low. It is interesting that we can see this work of art only when water level drops! Also, I thought performance art is different from other kinds of art, because people themselves call people’s attention, and sometimes the performance involves audiences.

  14. Takuya M5

    I like Land art.
    I like it because it is worth going to the place and I like to see arts that is magnificent and huge.
    It is like seeing natural monuments. That is why I like Land Art.

  15. Chen

    I found Symbolism to be very interesting. Some of the paintings had a very Gothic touch, which I really liked. It’s interesting how artists would paint something really different or strange, and use that to express an idea. I feel like this concept opens up to many “fantasy-style” art (winged animals/humans, mythology).

    I also liked that symbolism was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe.

  16. Kanako Th5

    I am intereste in street art. Though it is not allowed to paint on the wall, this kind of picture becomes one of thh works of art.
    I’ve seen that aman draw pictures on streets with water and sand. Since a picture drew with these means dissappear easily, so that scenery of a city can’t be destroyed.
    It is fun to look at the work which is drawn only once.

  17. Yuki Th5

    I think Suprematism is interesting. It is focused on fundamental geometric forms. Though it is difficult to understand what the creater is trying to express, I think it’s fun to imagine what the work is about.

  18. Kyoko Th5

    I think the Land art is awesome!
    Arts are made without using papaers or paint.
    They are made by natural things, such as trees and sands.
    I think it is also fun to find some of these land arts!!

  19. Marie Th5

    Hard-edge painting is really interesting to me. This kind of paintings are simple and it seems difficult and complicated skills are not required to draw them…
    Also, i think Street art is so cool. I sometimes see them in Japan 🙂

  20. Ai Th5

    Wow, there are so many kinds of art movement!! I had known that architecture and literature also had art movements, but I hadn’t known that these movements are somewhat connected. For example, I had regarded Dadaism as a movement of poems. However, I learned that it is also a movement of visual art. I want to know more about common movement over deferent types of art.

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