Art and Defining Cubism

Our next unit’s topic is about art – focusing on cubism. Please look at these examples of different kinds of art and tell us which ones you think require a lot of skill and which ones do not require any skill to make. Which ones seem original? Which ones seem like fashion?

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17 responses to “Art and Defining Cubism

  1. jay mohri


    Picasso’s works, to me, seems like the hardest to draw since it requires not only a skill to capture distinct features but a need to add your own twist to the art and that isn’t something you can learn from a textbook. McPherson and Barr’s reminds me of comic books from Dark Horse so I don’t find them that original.

    See you on Monday!


  2. Kanako Th5

    As for me, works of Bronzino require a lot of skill, and I can’t find works that do not require any skill to make.
    Works of Picasso seem original. Bansky creates new kinds of art.

  3. Toko M4

    I think that Monet’s works require a lot of skill and Taxali’s don’t.
    If I try to draw them though, I am sure Taxali’s kind of art would be very difficult too.
    Picasso’s work’s are very original, and I find Khaisman’s works very new and fashionable.

  4. Tomomi M5

    I think paintings of Picasso require a lot of skill because those are deformed and deformation needs both careful watch of the subject and painter’s originality.
    All of works above seem to require some skill, so I couldn’t decide ones don’t require any skill to make.
    From the same reason, Picasso’s paintings seem original, and also Khaisman’s tape arts seems really original.
    Bansky’s look like scribble on the wall and I didn’t know those are a kind of art, so those seem new and fasion for me.

  5. Sotaro M4

    I thought Warhol’s art was simple because the topic is only about people’s faces.
    Also, I thought Ishida’s art requires a lot of skill because the paiting is realistic while the topic is more fantastic.
    Bansky’s art made me feel fun and I thought those kinds of art is unique and fascinating.These art outside will be viewed more than any other art so it can affect people’s heart greatly.

  6. kenken M5

    I think all of them need skills.But Bronzino’s are most difficult to draw.Piccaso’s and Banksy’s are original,while Monet’s are about fashion and most of them are used for bisuness.
    I do like Banksy’s art.I think they can make us think of life in our daily life.

  7. Shiori M5

    I think that Picasso’s art requires a lot of skills and is very original.
    To me, all of the works above seem to require some skills, so I can’t decide one that does not require any skill to make.
    I find Bansky’s art fashionable. I think it is a new kind of art.

  8. Konomi M5

    Hello Matt,
    For me, I think Bansky’s art requires a lot of skill since it is painted not on the canvas or white paper but on the streets or walls.
    Taxali’s art doesn’t seem to require art skills. It will maybe be very rude to say but it seem more like a drawing than art.
    Khaisman’s pictures are very fashionable, it is very pretty. Picasso’s arts are of course very original, it fascinates us 🙂

    I like Bansky’s art very much and I want one of those in my city 😛

    see you tomorrow.

    Konomi M5

  9. Maho M4

    I think all of them need a lot of skill, especially Picasso’s.
    Bansky’s works seem very original and cool to me.
    Warhol’s works are fashionable. I like them too.

  10. Momo

    I think works of Khaisman require a lot of skill, and warhol’s doesn’t.
    I do like warhol’s arts but it may be possible for us to imitate by processing pictures.

  11. nanako M5

    good after noon!

    Picasso’s picture looks like they doesn’t require a lot of skill. They look easy to draw. on the other hand, Ishida’s picture looks like they need a lot of skill to draw. Barr’s picture looks original. They are fancy and cute. Taxali’s picture is fashon. They have power to facinate people.

  12. Shihoko M5

    I thought the works of Monet need skills, and Warhol’s doesn’t require a lot of them. However,Warhol’s art is fashinable.
    Picasso’s paintings are so original. We don’t even know how he comes up with the idea like that.
    Personaly, I like the works of Monet so much.

    See you soon,

    Shihoko M5

  13. Takuya M5

    I think every artists needs a lot of skills and effort to make these art crafts.But especially, I think Bansky uses the most skills because it is not just painting.
    The one which looks original is Khaisman, because it has their own style of art.
    The one that seems like fashion is Picasso’s , because he uses many colors and shapes , and his style never dies.

  14. Mike TA

    Banksy has been one of my favourite artists for years, and I love that there’s usually a strong message behind his work. Maybe the the pictures themselves don’t require too much skill to paint, but I think ‘making a statement’ with art needs real talent.

  15. Mayuko Th5

    I feel that Monet’s work requires a lot of skill because the color and the touch of every picture is detailed like the shadows of the clouds and the reflection of the pond’s water. Oppositely Taxali’s work seems that a lot of skills aren’t required. The Original one is definitely Khaisman’s work. It’s not like anyone could come up with an idea like that, making something out of brown tape. I thought it would be pretty difficult to make the right brown for it. The most fashionable one would be Warhol’s art. The color is completely different from other artists and the things he draws ( people, characters etc.)are very modern.

  16. Marie Th5

    Hi 🙂

    I really like Monet’s paintings and they seem to require a lot of skills! Im not good at painting so i think there is nothing that do not require any skills…
    I think Warthol’s works are fasionable 🙂 Banksy puts a photo and his drawing together so its totally original.

    see you soon!

  17. Yuki Th5

    I thought Bronzino’s work was difficult to make since it seemed very fine. The work of Tarali seemed pretty easy because it was simple. For me, Picasso’s work seemed original and fashion.

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