Written Report Topics

This week you should be doing a little research about two topics that you might use for your written report. Please tell us your 2 topics in the comments – please be specific and focus! Remember: the rough draft is due in about 2 weeks.


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20 responses to “Written Report Topics

  1. Toko M4

    My 2 topics are
    1.New Zealand
    -one of the safest places in the world-
    2.eco city

  2. Jay


    I think I’ll go with

    1.prevention of juvenile delinquency

    2.safety and gun control

    see you tomorrow!!

  3. Tomomi M5


    My topics are
    1. replanning my hometown
    2. safest place to live

  4. Momo


    My topics are
    1. how to make Tokyo bicycle friendly
    2. what we learn from major fire disasters

  5. Shun M5

    My topics are not those I thought up in the class but I think it will be

    1.Different problems that urban and rural cities have.
    2.If there is a difference between the danger of natural disasters like tsunami,typhoon,earthquakes,and forest fires.

  6. Konomi M5

    hey, I am not totally sure, but for now I think I’ll go with these two topics.

    1.how you live in the forest without being a victim of the forest fire.

    2.what is big city wasting the money for.
    (or what is the thing that isn’t necessary in big cities.)

    see you tomorrow,
    konomi m5

  7. Olga

    I like this two:
    1)The most riskfull place to live
    2)Forest fire problem in Russia

  8. Sotaro M4

    My topics are
    1)How firefighters work
    2)Tokyo and its crime

  9. Shiori M5

    Hi, Matt.

    My two topics are

    1.How to escape a hotel fire
    2.The garden city philosophy

    See you tomorrow!

    Shiori M5

  10. Maho M4

    My topics are
    1 Urban planning to save ourselves from natural disasters
    2 Forest fires in Japan

  11. kenken M5

    Hello everyone,
    My 2 topics are
    1 the comparison of Beijing,Tokyo and Newyork
    2 the ideas of famous urban planners

  12. nanako M5

    I can’t find an interesting topic…
    1)comparing Tokyo and Chicago
    2)research on animals(or plants) needing forestfire to live

  13. Takuya M5

    I think my topics will be

    1, the safety efforts done in Tokyo city

    2, what will happe when big disaster happens in Tokyo.

  14. Shihoko M5

    my topics will be

    1.City planning by Le Corbusier

    2.Danger of earthquake and tsunami

  15. Mayuko Th5

    I think I’ll be doing either of these 2

    1. Wawasan 2020
    (A city plan in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)


    2. How Harlem,NY got safer than before
    (Through the City plan of Harlem)

  16. Kanako Th5

    My topics will be either of these two:

    1.comparison of the cities among Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai.


    2.How does a disaster(like tsunami) affect our lives

  17. Yuki Th5


    My two topics are

    1.A city design that has little influence to the environment

    2.How the ecosystem changes when forest fires occur

  18. Marie Th5

    Hi Matt 🙂

    My two topics would be

    1.dangerous place to live

    2.what if everyone could get a gun in Japan

    see you soon!

  19. Kyoko Th5

    I think my 2 topics will be..

    1. Seattle’s city designing

    2.Famous forest fire(The forest fire of Yellow Stone National Park)

    See you soon!

  20. Ai Th5

    My two topics are

    1.City planning of Obihiro, my home town, and its safety

    2.The cause of forest fires in Russia. How people deal with them.

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