Urban Decay: Detroit


Detroit, once America’s 4th largest city, was famous for it’s cars and Motown music. Now, however, it is known as an example of urban decay. Watch this VIDEO to get a feeling of what the abandonded city feels like. Then write a short comment about your reaction. Don’t forget to read the news article for homework and have a great Golden Week!


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8 responses to “Urban Decay: Detroit

  1. Tomomi M5


    I felt very sad when watching the video.
    The buildings looked like ghost houses…
    I can’t believe that is the famous Detroit!
    I think something needs to be done for Detroit immediately.

    Tomomi M5

  2. Shiori M5


    I was surprised to see the broken houses and rubble on the street in the video.
    I couldn’t believe that the city was once 4th largest city in America.

    I think it will take a time to solve the problem of Detroit, but I think that financial aid and people’s cooperation will help revive the city.

  3. Maho M4

    Detroit city in the video was much worse than I had imagined.
    I was shocked to see so many ruined buildings.
    I wonder if there are similar examples of “Urban Decay” in Japan too…

  4. Momo M4

    I was surprised to see how urban decay was happened.

    This video showed me that Detroit city was really beautiful.
    I hope there are some ways to use these building meaningful.

  5. konomi M5

    Hi matt,
    I was surprised when I saw this video.

    Looking at the past pictures of the detroit(I mean the view before it became like this video), I couldn’t believe that it happened.

    I hope this kind of thing doen’t happen in japan.

  6. Toko M4

    Although the houses and buildings were broken, they were beautiful. The city looked like it could be any other city in the United States, so I felt that the fact it is deserted is creepy.

  7. Ai Th5


    Watching the video, I felt so sad. There are so many good buildings in the city, but they are deserted.
    It seems that these places are dangerous. When I was in elementary school, my teacher asked us not to go to old and empty houses because there might be some criminals or homeless people hiding. I don’t want to live in a city like this.
    I want to know more about what happened in this city.

  8. Kyoko Th5

    I was very surprised to see this video.
    It was acually kind of scary. Most of the houses didn’t have windows or doors. Even though they have one, they are either broken or badly dameged and dirty. I bet that this town’s crime rate is high, because of these reasons.

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