First blog post!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry the first blog didn’t work. Hopefully this one will be easier. Go to “comments” below and please tell me about your partner. Email me at if you have problems.

See you!!!


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22 responses to “First blog post!

  1. Risa


    I took your class the day before yesterday,but I took the class I should have taken was the different class.I’m sorry…:( (I had the nerve to get a chocolate!lol)
    I feel sad because I like you and your class,so please answer me when I greet you:)

    Though I will take the different class next time,I would like to tell you about my partner.
    My partner Toko majors in French.She has been to USA and Austraria.She wants to improve her speaking skill in this class.Her pronunciation of English is very good:)

    See you,
    Risa M4

  2. Tomomi M5


    My partner was Shiori Takahashi from Yamagata. Her major is Spanish. She has lived in Tennessee for about 2 years. She wants to improve her speaking skills in this class. She likes to talk about food.

    See you,
    Tomomi M5

  3. Momo M4


    My partner was Sotaro. He has lived in USA for 3.5years.
    His major is French.
    He wants to improve his speaking skill in this class.

    Momo M4

  4. MisatoM5

    Hi Matt!
    Im Misato from your M5class.
    My partner Konomi, was a very smart and funny girl and I fond of her!
    She is from Saitama and she still lives there.
    First, I was surprized by her having a good command of English, but I adimited that because she told me she had lived in the US for 2years.
    To my great surprize, I was the only one who live in Japan for my entire life in my group.

    Konomi loves music and right now she adores Tayler Swift!! I am not one of the country music fans ,but I agree she is fabulous.

    see you at the class!
    Misato M5

  5. Mayuko Th5


    Hi, I’m Mayuko from your Th5 class.

    My Partner was Ai.
    Her major is Russian.
    She’s from Hokkaido so she’s now living away from home. She really loves to read books and has been to the US and Germany. She’s participated in 4 speech contests! wow
    I found out in today’s class that she was a kind and charming girl. I hope that we could be great friends!!

    I had fun today! Can’t wait till next Thursday!

    Best wishes,
    Mayuko Th5

  6. Konomi M5

    hello matt. I’m Konomi from M5.
    I would like to introduce about my partner.
    Her name is misato and she learns french now. She is from Kanazawa, Ishikawa and she now lives alone.
    She likes to watch films. We both agreed that Roman Holiday is a fantastic film.
    She has participated in speech contest twice.
    She wants to travel to Paris.

    Through this class she would like to improve her english speaking skills.

    See you in monday.
    konomi M5

  7. Sotaro M4


    My partner was Momo.
    She is from Hokkaido.
    Her major is Arabic.
    She has been to Canada for two weeks.
    She wants to improve her speaking skills.

    Thank you,
    Sotaro M4

  8. Shun M5

    Hi Matt.

    This is Shun from M5.

    My partner was Shihoko.
    Her major is Spanish.
    She`s from Tokyo and she has been to US.
    She has never participated in a speech contest.
    She likes to talk about music but we didn’t talk about it even a bit.
    She was really nice talking with.

    See you on Monday.
    M5 Shun

  9. Kanako Th5

    Hello,Matt! I’m Kanako from your Th5 class.
    My partner was Kyoko. Her major is Urdu.
    She lives in Tokyo and has lived in England and the US. Her pronunciation is great!
    She often watches TV, but seldom listens to the radio.

    I’m very happy to be friends with her, and participate in your class!

    see you,
    Kanako Th5

  10. Shihiko M5

    Hello, Matt!
    This is Shihiko in your M5 class.

    I’d like to introduce my partner, Shun. He majors in French.

    He has been to many countries in Europe, such as Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland.

    He is from Kumamoto prefecture, and lives in Fuchu now.

    He doesn’t have any part-time jobs.

    He has never participated in an English speech contest.

    He watchs TV for 20 hours every week, and uses the Internet for 20 hours a week as well! He likes to talk about TV shows. We haven’t talked about it yet, though. He doesn’t listen to the radio at all.

    He is nervous when speaking in front of a group of people.

    He wants to talk a lot in this class, and improve his speaking skills.

    He is nice and calm!

    See you tomorrow!
    Shihoko M5

  11. Kano M5

    Hi Matt!
    I’m Kano from your M5 class.

    Today I’m going to explain my partner, Kenken.

    Kenken is from China and now lives near the school, majoring in japanese.

    She has been to many plases in Japan like Osaka, Kyoto, Tottori…

    She is a nice girl and I wish to know her more.

    see you! Kano M5

  12. Taro M4

    Hi Matt

    My partner was Megumi
    She lives in Saitama
    Her major is Spanish
    She likes to talk about music.

    see you tomorrow

    Taro M4

  13. nanako M5

    hi! The chocolate was delicious! Thank you XD

    My partner was Takuya.
    He majors in Russian.
    He lived in California for few years.
    He worked at a restaurant for a part time job.
    He never hears the radio.
    I was happy to hear that he knew how to fold papers in “hotdog” and “hamburger” style!!lol

    I’m looking forword for the class tomorrow:)
    see you!

    Nanako M5

  14. Maho M4

    Hi Matt

    My partner was Risako Suzuki.
    She’s from Chiba.
    Her major is French.
    She likes art, movies and musicals.

    Thank you for reading…

    Maho M4

  15. Olga

    Hello Matt!
    I’m Olga from M4 class.
    My partner was Yuko.
    She lives in Takaido, her major is French and I think she likes to travel abroad very much =)
    She went to America, England and Russa. Besides, in Russia she visited my home town Irkutsk.

    See you tomorrow!

  16. Takuya M5


    I’m Takuya from M5.

    My partner is Nanako and she lives in Tokyo.
    She has once lived in America and love American foods, especially macaroni and cheese.

    I’m lokking forward to taking your class!

  17. Shiori M5

    Hi, Matt!

    I didn’t know about this new blog until today’s class. I told you about my partner on the first blog, but I would like to tell you about her again on this blog.

    My partner was Tomomi Saito from Saitama. Her major is French. She likes to read and talk about movies and stage art. She has been to the United States and Australia several times. She wants to improve her listening skill in the class.

    See you next week!
    Shiori M5

  18. Kyoko TH5

    Hi Matt!
    I’m in your TH5 class.

    Thank you for the chocolate:)

    My partner was Kanako.
    Her major language is Chinese and she lives in Mitaka.

    Kanako is very polite and I had fun talking to her!

    See you tomorrow!

    Kyoko TH5

  19. Ai Th5


    My partner was Mayuko. Her major is Russian.
    She is from Aichi, and lives in Fuchu alone now. She has lived in America for about three years.
    She loves to watch movies and dramas, so she uses internet many hours a week to enjoy them.

    She has joined a speech contest. She says she doesn’t get nervous even when she speaks in front of many people. I admire her bravery!

    Well, thank you for your fun assignment, Matt. See you tomorrow.

    Ai Th5

  20. Yuki Th5


    I’m Yuki from Th5.

    I will tell you about my partner.

    Her name is Marie.She majors in Italian.She is from Tokyo.She said that she visited Italy and Hawaii.

    See you at the next class!

    Yuki Th5

  21. Marie Th5

    Hi Matt!

    My partner was Yuki, he’s from Akita.
    He lived in America for about 3 years so he speaks English really well (so jealous!).
    He likes to talk about scientific stuff.
    He has been in Hongkong.

    That’s all, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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